Consistency is the single most important factor in creating memorable design systems. When you think of Facebook, what color comes to mind? How about CocaCola? All great brands have distinct branded design elements that they use over and over again in everything they put in front of consumers. You may be thinking, hold on, I’m not CocaCola or Facebook but honestly, it doesn’t matter how small or big you are. The secret of good branding is consistency.  

We’ve put together tips on how to make your brand recognizable, even if you don’t have a logo, with just 3 simple steps along with some great (and free!) design resources.

Step 1

Create a branded color palette

Here’s a quick tip on how to create your own branded color palette: choose a primary color and at least one secondary color. Apply your primary color to your logo, headings in your copywriting, blocks of color and backgrounds in your marketing materials or website. Use your secondary color as an accent to bring more diversity and visual interest into your materials. 

Remember that a general rule of thumb is “less is more” with adding color to your designs, especially if you’re using a lot of imagery. Focus on your messaging and use the color to help support it and bring focus to it. 

Color Palette

Step 2

Choose a font pairing

Same as with color, typography can evoke emotions and cause your consumers to have positive or negative associations. The good news is that you are not limited to the system fonts on your computer. Google Fonts has an abundance of beautiful free fonts to choose from. 

When choosing a font, think about what your brand personality is. If your business were a person, would it be a serious professional in a suit or a fun and approachable, granola-eating hipster (OK, maybe neither of those fit in with you but you get our point)? Once you figure out what you want to “feel like”, go ahead and find a font that has that same personality as your business. 

It is often a good idea to choose more than one font. Make your main font be part of your logo and use it for headings in all of your materials. Then, choose a secondary font that you can use for bigger chunks of text and make sure that font has great readability. To make things easier for you, Google Font shows you font pairings for each font that you choose. 

font pairings

Step 3

Choose similar imagery

Whether you choose to use photography or illustration to support your branded design system, make sure that your images – just like your colors and fonts – fit in with your brand personality. Once in a while you may be tempted by a trendy-looking image but take a critical look at it and determine whether it fits in with everything else you’re doing. 

If you think that great images have to be expensive, think again! You can get beautiful and high-quality images for free from several sources, such as UnsplashFreepik, or Pixabay.

Image consistency
Want more tips on how to elevate your business with great design? We’re here to help! 

Check out our Done For You Store store on Etsy offering a variety of beautifully design templates for your Instagram feed. Our business is new and we’re continuously working on new materials for you so please check back often for tips and products!

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