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We bonded over design, a love of food, and a filthy sense of humor.

We met in January of 2012 on our first day at a new job in Charleston, SC. Over the next couple of years, we shared a cubicle, countless lunches, inside (and inappropriate) jokes, family dinners, belly laughs, and a lot of love and support. Our varied design and technical skills balance out nicely, and we’ve always enjoyed learning from each other. We’ve been family ever since.

Today, we each own and operate our own respective design business. In our work, we’ve realized that our soulpreneur clients desperately want elegant design and quality content, but they often don’t have an expendable marketing budget. We founded DFY Content to help alleviate this problem for our fellow small business owners.


Meet your designers & coaches

Aga Siuda

Aga specializes in brand and web design, as well as UX strategy. She’s the queen of research and testing and has built two successful businesses. She brings her love of organizational systems and business savvy to her design and coaching work. She is also a kickass interior designer and the president of her local Polish American Society. Aga loves spending time with her husband and two kids.

Meredith McCreight

Meredith is a brand consultant, web designer and developer. Her bread and butter is creating custom, feminine, high-end designs and as a certified coach, she loves working with other coaches to start and grow their online businesses and gain the tech tools they need to succeed.  She enjoys riding her bike, being outdoors all year round, and wants to pet all the dogs, including her rescue pup, Miles.

fun facts


We used to work exclusively with non-profits when we shared a cubicle. We still have a passion for helping others and strive to live authentically in our purpose.

fun facts


meredith’s first creative projects included writing and illustrating short stories, making home made greeting cards, and rock painting (yes, it’s a real thing).

fun facts


When Aga was a young girl, she used to macramé with her mom—talk about having an early pulse on trends!

fun facts


growing up, meredith was bucked off, run into a tree, and close-lined by a horse (not at the same time).

fun facts


Aga plates all of her food, even snacks. She once got a snickers bar from the vending machine, took out her “office china” plate, and cut into pieces with a knife.

fun facts


Meredith would probably marry a taco if she could. She lives for anything mexican and spicy—bonus points if there’s queso or guac.

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