The 9-week program to turn your side hustle practice into a profitable growing business.

Do you see other coaches taking the leap with their online business and wonder,

"How the heck do they know how to run a business on their own?"

You're not alone if...

Nothing. You can do it, too.
Just imagine…


Owning and operating a real, serious coaching business where you are the boss and people respect you as a professional.


Feeling unshakably confident that what you do is something that people want and need to improve and enrich their lives.


Finally being able to work the schedule and hours that you want to work, without sacrificing your income.


Making money for your services without having to rely on free or one-time hourly sessions.

You can start or ramp up your online coaching business, the right way, without pulling your hair out, learning rocket science, or spending a fortune.

We don't think starting a business should be a painful process.

In the next few years, nearly half of the entire workforce will be self-employed. 

This may come as a surprise to some, but having experienced the pandemic of 2020, and with the wellness industry already growing at a rapid rate, it makes sense that people are taking their earning power into their own hands. 

As a coach, you can work virtually, from anywhere, with anyone, and you can choose the hours and rates for your business. If you’re still employed elsewhere, being a coach also affords you the unique opportunity to transition into entrepreneurship while still holding down a full or part-time job and scaling up until you’re ready to fully make the switch.

But many people—especially women—get stuck in feelings of overwhelm, often caused by societal expectations and a lack of information about what it takes to get started.  

We know this because we've lived it.

We’ve built five businesses separately and together. We both started individual freelance businesses many moons ago before we even knew each other. They crumbled because we didn’t take ourselves seriously, we were scared to set boundaries and raise prices, and we gave up when things got too hard. 

Fast forward and in the last few years, we’ve both started our own individual design consultancies AND we started this business (DFY) together. As entrepreneurs and coaches of others striving for the same, we have learned so much—including some of the biggest mistakes you could make… 

We want to share this expert knowledge with you so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

You can't build a successful coaching business without confidence, clarity, and authenticity

The BMC is a complete system for starting and scaling your coaching business in a way that feels purposeful and soul-centered

how would you like to...

It’s all possible for you…

that's exactly what
we're going to show you in

A step-by-step system to help you turn your session side hustle into a real, profitable coaching business

This is not the course to out-do all other business courses—this is a course that will help you get even more out of the other courses you have already taken (or bought but were too overwhelmed to take). 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been rocking a side hustle coaching business that is just begging to be your one and only hustle, The Business Minded Coach is your ticket to clarity, confidence and action—delivered simplistically to kick overwhelm to the curb. 

"Aga has such a passion for her work, and her enthusiasm was contagious! I am so grateful for her talent and intelligent, professional guidance!"
Sara Ann R.
"Aga has been instrumental in guiding our business’ strategic development and branding. She effortlessly makes each interaction pleasant and productive with her professional and outcome driven approach."
Dana P.

Here's what's inside The Business Minded Coach

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Success means different things to everyone. Whether you’re looking to make a boatload of money or to spend more time with your loved ones (or both), you’ll get clear on what your definition of success is so that you can choose the appropriate metrics by which to measure the performance of your coaching business (and all the ones you can ignore from now on).

Since you’re ready to stop doing one-off sessions here and there, and you’re looking to create a scalable business model, we’re giving you the first critical step in creating an offer that actually sells. And it’s easier than you probably think. 

Did you know you can create a professional, thorough, attorney-friendly business plan just by answering a few questions about your coaching business? In this module, we’ll show you exactly how to do it and we’ll give you the template to use for yourself. 

This is easily the most cringeworthy topic for most of our coaches starting their own businesses…

“Do I need a website?”
“Do I need social media?”
“Do I need SEO?”
“How do I design things without a designer?”

We’ll help you figure out which things map back to your business plan and the metrics we’ve decided are the best measurements for your business’ success… and which things you can worry about another day. 

One of the biggest problems coaching business owners face is trying to scale a business without creating a ton more work for themselves. This module is all about working smarter so you can scale your business in ways that don’t require logging more hours.

Part of being a confident and successful business owner is learning when and how to say NO to the things that don’t serve us and the people that don’t deserve us. Learn how to pre-qualify clients, set expectations that protect your time and your energy, and make your clients respect you even more.

Those expectations and boundaries we just talked about… they are a heck of a lot easier to set up front, not after the project or engagement has already started. So let’s dig into exactly what you should communicate and how you can do it in a loving yet firm manner. Clients who have a great experience with you are way more likely to send you referrals, and this is the ticket to providing a great experience.

When you’re a one-woman show, you have to wear a lot of hats (you’re the CEO, the IT department, the accountant, the sales team, the marketing department…). It can quickly become too overwhelming to keep straight. Using business systems can help you focus on the things you can easily do, what you can outsource, and what you can automate.

We’re giving you the only 5 systems you need to run a successful online coaching business—and a handy template to customize them to your own company. You’ll walk away with everything you need to take your side hustle to serious business!


Oh, have we got some for ya...

bonus #1

Business plan template

$29 value

Simple Business Plan Template

Our Simple Business Plan Template with prompts and sample answers will help you write your professional biz plan in no time. We go deeper into how to use this in one of the modules, but this baby is yours to keep and reuse again if/when you need to tweak for your growing business!

bonus #2

Ramp up roadmap

$47 value

Ramp Up Roadmap cover on an ipad

Get even more out of each module by following along using the Ramp-Up Roadmap. Each stop on the journey brings you more exercises to dig deeper into the module's specific area and helps you figure out exactly how to master each phase of turning your side hustle into a serious business.

bonus #3

our fave resources

$49 value

Bonus: our favorite business resources guide cover mocked up on black iPad

We've put together a guide of all of our favorite resources, from books and podcasts to templates and online tools, to enhance your business building journey with joy, inspiration, and best of all, efficiency!

bonus #4

canva template bundle

$70 value

ebook template mocked up with customized changes
instagram stories template mockup on black iphone

Get the whole bundle of Randee products from our Etsy store! This includes (1) 55-page/layout multipurpose e-book / lead magnet template, (1) Instagram posts template, (1) Instagram/FB stories template, and (1) IG highlight covers template. Fully customizable in the free version of Canva!

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about your teacher

"Aga is absolutely wonderful. She is very professional. Aga is an extremely thoughtful and experienced designer, and we are so thankful to have her services!"
Lisa B.
"Aga is knowledgeable and professional. She understands and goes along with the trends in the industry. I highly recommend her."
Magdalena S.

Are you ready to get serious about your coaching business?



9 weeks worth of step-by-step guidance to reduce overwhelm and start taking your business seriously

$1,997 value


BONUSES that include templates, workbooks, cheatsheets and checklists to help you build smarter + faster

$195 value


The confidence that you can be a successful coaching business owner and a clear path forward



Yeah, there are two of us… confusing, right? We decided it would be a much better experience if the same person taught the whole course. So, while we both wrote and created the content, Aga will be your instructor for this course. She’s amazing!

Great! This course is designed for any coach who is ready to start or grow their online coaching business. You do not need to have any professional coaching OR business experience—in fact, this course is a perfect next step for new coaches who are serious about starting their coaching business.

Forever. Yep, for-e-ver. Your access to the videos, workbooks, and other downloads never expires. Depending on where you are on your business building journey, it can be helpful to come back and revisit certain lessons as you scale up.

While we would love that for you (!), there is nothing that will make you rich—quick or otherwise—that you don’t already have inside you. In other words, we can only share our tools and teachings with you and the rest of your journey is up to you, boo. Our goal is to provide you with the simplest path to success as we know it, and to position you to be able to grow and scale your business continuously. We believe that getting rich is everyone’s divine right, and we aim to set your compass in that direction, but please know that the action part is up to you!

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Bonus #4: Canva Marketing Template Bundle ($70 VALUE)

That’s $2,192 worth of awesomeness!

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