Boost Your Business Series Post #2: Create or Clean Up Your High-Ticket Package / Offer

Are you a solopreneur or small business who wants to make more money?
Do you feel like you can’t raise your prices because you feel unqualified and/or guilty?
Are you currently charging for time (by the hour/session)?

Even if you don’t think it’s possible, we’re going to show you how to create a unique offering with loads of value, that appeals to your ideal client, who will pay a premium price for it.

Boost Your Business Series: BONUS How to Set Your Hourly Rate (With Worksheet)

This exercise will help you figure out what to charge per hour (which can be used to calculate the cost for larger projects), how many projects you need each month, how many new clients you need each month, and how many sales calls you need to book in order to get that many clients.

Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or solopreneur, or you’re an established service provider who wants to revisit your pricing structure, this worksheet is for you!

Boost Your Business Series Post #1: Clarify Your Brand Messaging

As I’m writing this, we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and we’ve been thinking a lot about how to help you out during this especially difficult economic time. We’ve come up with a series of five articles on how to boost your business and help you get new clients if you’re willing to put in the work! If you’ve been struggling to attract enough or the right kind of clients, this series is for you.

Are you in?

Grab loads of exclusive offers and freebies you won’t wanna miss!

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