Ikigai: Find Your Passion and Purpose E-Guide & Workbook

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Ikigai (pronounced either “eye-ka-guy” or “ick-ee-guy”) loosely translates to “reason for being” and originated on the Japanese island of Okinawa, home to one of the largest populations of centenarians in the world.

Could finding purpose be the secret to a longer and happier life?

It just might be… because in other areas with large populations of centenarians, an almost identical concept can be found.

Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements:

1. What you love (your passion)
2. What the world needs (your mission)
3. What you are good at (your vocation)
4. What you can get paid for (your profession)

Discovering your own ikigai is said to bring fulfilment and happiness, and help you live longer.

Your workbook will help you identify these four elements for yourself AND see where they converge, unlocking new possibilities for activities that light you up and fill your cup!


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