Create an offer that you can sell at a higher price than single coaching sessions

As newer coaches who are trying to grow our businesses, we often rely on single sessions to make money. This can be tricky if we don’t already have a pipeline of clients that want and need our services.

Even if you do have a large pool of pre-qualified clients, it’s not uncommon for clients to do a single session and then disappear off the face of the earth. 

And what’s more, how can we scale our business to be profitable without working a ton more hours conducting those single sessions and not offering anything more? 

What is a signature offer?

Signature offers are any bundle of services and/or products that you create to serve your clients. Some coaches have online courses, some have programs that bundle curriculum and live group coaching, some have masterminds, some host retreats (digital or in-person)… there is really no limit to what you can create—the point is to create something that is not a 1:1 service but rather a 1:many service AND is something that you can repeat without doing 100% of the work all over again. 

Why is that last part important? Because remember, we are trying to scale our coaching business, but if we are only doing 1:1 sessions, we are only making money when we are on those coaching calls. So, unless we are able to charge an insanely high rate (like, we’re already supes famous), then we are not going to be able to grow our business without working more. At some point, this become an unsustainable model. 

Turn your passion into profit in two steps

Step .01

Create or refine your offer

Your offer could be a virtual retreat, an e-course, a guided 6-month program, etc. It will combine the things you’re good at and the things you enjoy doing to change the lives of others. And, this is a business, so it’s also something that will make you money.

You will want to consider who this offer is for, where they are now (and why that sucks), where they want to be, and what’s getting in the way. How will you help get them unstuck and move the needle towards where they want to be? 

Think through the structure of your premium offer:

  • How long does it take someone to complete the course, program, retreat, etc.?
  • Does the offer include access to you via group sessions, messaging or otherwise?
  • How much will you charge? Will you allow payment plans?

Step .02

Turn it into a premium signature offer

Consider what knowledge, content or assets you already have that you can repurpose into value-adds for your signature offer(s). 

Make a list of everything you can create that is directly related to your offer (with little work on your end). Ideas include but are certainly not limited to: books/e-books/e-guides, templates, videos, audio, physical products (if it makes sense), extra time with you via 1:1 sessions or text access, discounts for future offers, and early or private access to groups/events/courses/offers.

How that you have a list of all possible value-adds, what can you bundle together into a premium offer?

Write out everything that you will include in your offer. Choose a few of the more impactful items (proprietary blueprints or or exclusive access to private communities, for example) and designate these as your high-value bonus items. 

Obviously, this will take a bit of time and iterating, but even just taking a quick glance at your first draft, you should be able to immediately see that you can now charge more for this offer–just by adding things that you only have to create once!

You can repeat this process for each premium offer you want to create. You’ll want to limit yourself to 1-3 signature offers, otherwise you run the risk of your brand being too complicated. When you offer too many options, it can be confusing for your clients and in some cases, they may lose trust in you as an expert. It’s better to do a few things really well than to do all the things just kinda well. 

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Meredith McCreight

Meredith McCreight

Hello you! I'm Meredith, co-founder, content creator and designer at Done For You Content. I'm also a coach and a visual designer at Create Without Bounds. I coach women entrepreneurs who want to scale their heart-centered businesses and need help with time management, niche and ideal client clarification, offer creation, pricing strategy, and more. I work with clients to design elegant, high-end brand systems and build beautiful, functional websites. My favorite place is the woods and I want to pet all the dogs. I'm grateful you're here and look forward to getting to know you!

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